Good morning Dr. Hirsch,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Anxiety levels have almost leveled out and I am feeling much better. I saw an OBGYN yesterday about my pelvic pain - she was SO happy with the regimen I was on for PCOS. She said they had actually just started using bio-identical hormones a few months ago for treatment. She gave me an A+. Just a side note!  Thought I'd share because I've never heard another doctor compliment another doctor before - typically I just hear “well, they don't know what they're doing.”

Thank you,


I'm getting a lot of compliments from coworkers about my appearance, and people have even commented that it looks like I've lost more weight. So my intention is to worry less about the scale.

Thanks again, Dr. Hirsch...I can't tell you how much I appreciate you helping me be so dialed in to my health!


Dr. Albert Hirsch is an outstanding doctor - he knows his medical specialty inside and out.

I am fifty four and for the last fifteen years of my life, due to perimenopause and getting older, my energy, stamina, memory, and zest for life had taken a tremendous hit.  Not only that, I couldn't understand why my weight kept going up.  No matter what I did, not only could I not lose weight, but I kept gaining weight!

I started a new job in Dallas and I was having major mental fog and memory issues that were preventing me from learning and retaining what I needed to know in order to be successful at work.  Nothing was clicking in my learning process and all I knew was that something was very wrong.  I was terrified that I was working my way into dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease since that is what killed my father.

I went to see Dr. Hirsch and he ordered blood work after reviewing my medical history form and discussing things with me. He went over my test results at my next visit and told me that my body had almost no measurable levels of several hormones that I needed in order to live my life well, and most importantly, get my mental sharpness and memory back on track.  He also told me that once my hormonal levels were where they needed to be, it would be much easier for me to lose weight and maintain the weight loss that I achieved.  Dr. Hirsch has been correct on everything he told me.  I no longer feel like I am an old lady waiting to die - I feel vibrant, mentally sharp, the weight has come off, and I am still losing weight!

Dr. Hirsch is a no nonsense doctor who is not going to coddle his patients into doing what he recommends.  YOU must be willing to take charge, be responsible for your health, and do what he recommends.  He is there to support you, offer advice, and be your biggest advocate for better health. I wish I had met him 15 years ago when all the perimenopause issues started for me.

Karan G.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with PCOS after experiencing extreme weight gain, hair loss, and acne. Before finding Dr. Hirsch online about a year ago, I saw countless doctors who unfortunately couldn’t seem to get a handle on my condition and how to work with it. My experience with Dr. Hirsch has been completely opposite.

At my first appointment, Dr. Hirsch spent more time with me than any doctor ever has (and he continues to spend at least a full hour with me at each visit). He ordered blood tests, changed or added to my existing medications and also recommended vitamins, as some levels of vitamins in my body were low.

I immediately started feeling better and my appearance improved -- and continues to improve. My hair had really thinned due to PCOS, and it is now thicker and has grown past my shoulders. My acne is completely gone. I am FINALLY looking good again! I have much more energy and from an emotional standpoint, I am overall happier.

Dr. Hirsch has also worked with me on my diet and I am now making much better food choices. So far, I’ve lost 25 pounds, which is amazing, as I wasn’t able to lose weight for at least nine or 10 years before meeting Dr. Hirsch.

My co-workers and family members have given me numerous compliments, and they can’t believe the difference. My husband is ecstatic with my results and is also VERY appreciative of everything Dr. Hirsch has done for me (us).

I truly, truly thank Dr. Hirsch for giving me my life back!

Heather M.

I’ve been working with Dr. Hirsch since November 2015. For a few years prior, I suffered from serious depression, saw a psychiatrist, and even took antidepressants. I also gained more than 20 pounds, which is a lot for a small person like me who has been thin and fit her whole life. When I gained weight, I would grow more depressed; and when I grew more depressed, I gained weight. I was on a merry-go-round that wouldn’t stop. Eating clean and working out two hours a day hardly made a difference, and I continued to visit various doctors to see if they could help. I was close to simply giving up, but one day I found Dr. Hirsch online. I could tell he treated his patients with a different approach than other physicians, and after our first appointment, I could tell he “got it.” I’ve never seen a doctor who sat for such a long time to truly get to know me and my health. The other doctors were merely treating my symptoms of PCOS and low thyroid, but not the causes. My condition was complex, but Dr. Hirsch took on the challenge. He helped me get out of my depression, lose weight—12 pounds in just over three months—and overall just feel GOOD.

Sadly, my father passed away a few months ago. Since I was already under Dr. Hirsch’s care and was making progress, I knew I could handle all of the emotional and physical stress on my body. I would be OK.

Dr. Hirsch not only helps with my body and its changes, but he is also like a life coach, and so much more. I truly believe God put him in my life. I hope my story can help someone else!


UPDATE: Over the past four months, I’ve been getting better and better!

My refined diet means I no longer eat processed foods; but I enjoy eating foods with substance such as beans, quinoa, and oatmeal. I’m also very careful to avoid simple carbohydrates and concentrated or processed fructose, which seems to help keep my PCOS symptoms under control. My improved nutrition, along with Dr. Hirsch’s expertise and use of hormone therapies and medications, have brought me back to the weight where I’ve felt the strongest and healthiest.

My energy has increased greatly, and once again I’m enjoying yoga, Pilates, and spending time with my friends. There was a time when depression felt like my “normal.” Finally, though, I know now how GOOD I should really feel! I keep optimistic, and focus on getting even stronger every day.

I feel like Dr. Hirsch is my guardian angel. He is amazed and proud of my progress too; and when I see him for an office visit, my eyes fill with tears of happiness!

Manoela M.