Meet Dr. Hirsch

Meet Dr. Hirsch

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Dr. Albert Hirsch“I believe in a strong doctor-patient alliance where we both share information with the common goal of the best health and quality of life possible. My desire is for my patients to know that I am their trusted consultant who is dedicated not just to their wellness, but to offering solutions that go beyond those available through the traditional American healthcare system. The relationships I share with my patients and their families are some of the most satisfying aspects of my practice.”

Dr. Hirsch has been a longtime cyclist and runner, training several times a week along with competing throughout the year. Although he still actively maintains fitness, he retired from competition in 2008 to have more time to focus on his extraordinarily rewarding Preventive Medicine Practice. His patients’ successes are his reward now, not winning sporting events. He and his wife, Linda, both from Dallas, are active in the Dallas community and have enjoyed their lives together since first meeting in 1962.

The Hirsch family has owned businesses in Dallas since 1877 when they opened Linz Jewelers on Main Street. Dr. Hirsch’s father, Albert Linz Hirsch, presented the prestigious Linz Award yearly, until the business was sold to the Zale Corporation. Zales still maintains the tradition today, over 80 years after its inception.


St. Marks School of Texas
University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio
St. Paul Hospital, Dallas (General Surgery)


Texas State Board of Medical Examiners


American College of Emergency Physicians
American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Age Management Medical Group
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
T.A. Sciences Telomere & Telomerase Certification

Dr. Albert Hirsch on Racing Bike