Preventive Medicine

Health InformationPreventive medicine means looking at the patient as a whole and finding and addressing the source of an ailment or a condition – not just treating the symptoms once they develop. Dr. Hirsch takes a natural approach to your health, fine tuning the practices of one’s private physician with more advanced occasionally non-traditional methods of health care. We perform comprehensive lab tests as part of a wellness evaluation to help identify risks and hopefully prevent their developing into  significant medical problems. The patient’s opportunity for ample one-on-one time with Dr. Hirsch is most important to discuss key medical issues and to share information.

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We’ve heard patients say, “If something is wrong with me, I don’t want to know.”  Eventually, though, diseases, deficiencies and imbalances have a way of making themselves known. Preventive medicine at Hirsch Clinic focuses on efforts to prevent disease and negative health conditions before they occur, while improving our patients’ longevity and quality of life. Medicine works best when it’s proactive, seeking to identify and alter health risk factors before they develop into symptoms. For example, finding the cause of unexplained weight gain can provide important health information and benefits. We check thyroid and other body functions first before advising a weight loss program. For example, PCOS (an inherited condition that affects 8-10% of American women) can cause obesity, and must be treated properly in order for the patient to be able to have the opportunity to reach optimal weight.

Good health and longevity not only stem from knowledge, but also from playing an active role in one’s own health. Respecting our patients and promoting awareness for optimal health leads to doctor-patient partnerships that are beneficial to preventing future medical conditions.

Dr. Hirsch looks forward to providing the best possible preventive medicine for you as a partner in your longer, healthier and happier life for many years to come.