On a different note….. A BIG “thank you” to you and Dr. Hirsch. I haven’t felt this good in at least 10 years and my husband can’t believe the difference. He said he wanted to send Dr. Hirsch a “thank you” for getting him his wife back. ???? My hair is so much more healthy and is really growing out, just like Dr. Hirsch said. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Hirsch sooner!

I can’t thank you and Dr. Hirsch enough!


I’ve been working with Dr. Hirsch since 2013, but amazingly, we’ve never met face to face. I live in Illinois and found Dr. Hirsch on the web. Although phone-appointments with one’s doctor may not work for everyone, I am used to this type of arrangement, as I have previously worked with another physician from California. I still see my local general practitioner for other medical issues, but Dr. Hirsch’s expertise on managing menopause and imbalances of my thyroid and other hormones is the best I’ve experienced by far.

During my initial contact with Dr. Hirsch, we established mutual trust and discussed my general symptoms. Next, he ordered labs and we set up our next appointment. Since then, each appointment begins with Dr. Hirsch asking me how I’m feeling and if I’m experiencing any new or different symptoms since our last consultation. We then discuss any additional lab results that have been ordered since our last visit and address them if needed.

Immense stress can really throw off a body, and mine is no exception. Prior to meeting Dr. Hirsch, I endured a traumatic divorce process that seemed to recalibrate my entire system – I felt “heavy,” sad, and disconnected. I knew I had to get back on the track toward health and wholeness, and I wanted to accomplish it without antidepressants. Shortly after starting my journey with Dr. Hirsch, I felt the most incredible change. The “fog” lifted and I finally felt like I could trust my body and brain, once again, to make big decisions.

Now, at 60, I feel like I have the body of a 35-year-old. With the help of Dr. Hirsch’s prescriptions for necessary bioidentical hormone replacements such as thyroid, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, etc., I have the energy to exercise as well as focus on good nutrition and my spirituality. What’s more, I’ve lost 35 pounds.

If you can make a true commitment to wellness and you’re ready for a change toward the better, I highly recommend Dr. Hirsch.

Carol C.

Dr Hirsch is amazing! He has helped me so much in my journey toward optimizing my health. They are the perfect team. After years of going to countless doctors explaining to them my horrible and frightening symptoms, they would only run generic tests that always showed I was "normal." Because of the "normal" test results and the fact that I "looked" healthy, all the doctors I saw would brush me aside. THEN I met Dr. Albert Hirsch. Dr Hirsch was/is a God Send! He really listened to me and thoroughly explained his theories on health, bioidentical hormones and eating healthy etc.(my first appointment ran almost 2 hours long!). He ran many many tests, tests others doctors never had. Lo and behold, I have Hashimoto's, PCOS, extremely low progesterone (why I know I also have stage IV endometriosis) and very low testosterone. I started seeing him about 4 months ago and am already feeling better. Unfortunately with thyroid diseases, finding your optimal dosage takes some time but I am getting there! The metformin given to me for PCOS almost instantly improved my insulin resistance/hypoglycemia symptoms! The progesterone supplements have done wonders for my endometriosis symptoms, which include extreme fatigue and very painful cramps. And the testosterone cream has made me feel amazing!!! Hirsch Clinic has such an inviting feel to it. Everyone is so nice there. Dr Hirsch really loves trying to help people feel better and I am sooo thankful to him! My case is rather complicated but he never turned me away. If anything I think my complications were more of a challenge to him, making him determined to figure out my body. He is always a call, email or text away! Even at night or weekends! He has gone ABOVE and BEYOND what even "good" doctors do, making him GREAT! Dr Hirsch is a straightforward guy so be prepared for him to tell you exactly what he thinks, which is what I think anyone would want in a doctor! He wants nothing more than for his patients to feel "great." My advice to any new patients is to TRUST him. Follow his advice/instructions to the T.

name not provided

My wife and I have known Dr. Hirsch for about 2 years. In that short time the quality of our lives has changed drastically. Beyond the unprecedented weight loss, Dr. Hirsch has guided us to a healthier lifestyle. Focused on hormone and nutritional balance, we have regained a youthful and energetic outlook to life.

David B.

Hello - my name is Steven Gendler. I've been a patient of Dr. Hirsch's for about three years now. I'm 68 years old and have been married for 34 years. We have one child, a 31 year old daughter. I was recommended to Dr. Hirsch by a friend of mine who had lost quite a bit of weight and was looking really fit and feeling strong. He and I are avid tennis players and while he is almost ten years younger than I am we were closely competitive on the courts. All of a sudden he was beating me regularly and I was starting to feel my age. I visited Dr. Hirsch and was very impressed with his thorough health evaluation...including a very detailed blood analysis. His conclusions brought several recommendations for changes to my diet and exercise routine, and recommendations for vitamins, bio identical hormone replacement, and a recommendation for weight loss. I have followed Dr. Hirsch's recommendations as closely as possible and am feeling very healthy, energetic, clear in my thinking, and overall enjoying very good health. In addition I am still very competitive on the tennis courts and recently won the 65 and over Texas State Doubles Championship with my tennis partner and teammates. Dr. Hirsch focused on my weight control and diet control initially...then he added in the hormone replacement therapy along with vitamins and mineral replacements. He regularly has me follow up with blood tests and meetings in his office. I heartily recommend Dr. Hirsch!

Steven Gendler