A year ago, I was 40 lbs heavier, anxious, depressed, "cloudy headed," and severely lacking in motivation. This had actually been going on for several years.  I had been diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism years ago, and type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago.  My regular doctor just put me on Synthetic thyroid pills, birth control pills, cholesterol pills, and told me to lose weight -- all the while watching my weight, cholesterol, fatty liver numbers, and blood pressure climb.  I thought there was nothing else that we could do, until I got Dr. Hirsch's name from a friend of a friend of a friend. Guys, this is why women talk. We know someone out there needs to know something we do.  ????  That unknown friend three times removed sparked a major change in my life. After a three-hour drive to my first appointment, I came away with hope. After lab work and a second appointment, we trashed all my old prescriptions and had a strategy for getting my hormones and me healthy. I am a challenging case. I have/had every symptom of PCOS. At the year mark, we’ve seen significant improvement evident by my lab work, by how I look, and most importantly by how I feel and act.  But I didn't have to wait a year to realize improvement. I had the hope of it by the end of the first appointment. I felt it the first day I started my Amour thyroid prescription. And I rejoiced in it when I experienced my first menses in several years. Look ladies, I could go on about what we did, and what worked, but you can get that from Dr. Hirsch. What you need from me is what will get you to a doctor like Hirsch: motivation. I wasted my thirties with doctors who couldn't see the whole picture, and really didn't know what to do with any of it. I had given up on having a child but now have hope. I had given up on losing weight and now weigh less than when my husband and I started dating. I'm 40 and now weigh what I did before turning 30. That should be plenty of motivation for you, but I would be leaving out the most important. Yes that weight was heavy, but how I was feeling inside and inside my head was what was really weighing me down. Now I feel like a size 8 instead of size 26 (the tag on my new jeans says 16, and I was a 20!). Oh, wait. Just two more things. Is your doctor is testing your T3, free? No? You need to be looking for another doctor. Does your doctor want you on statins for cholesterol? See Dr. Hirsch. His supplement regimen lowered mine from 234 (on a statin) to 156 (no statin) in short order.  I think of myself as a simple ranch kid (a denial of my recent 40th birthday) though I have a degree in economics, managed a research lab, conducted trainings, and consulted across the nation. But it matters not if you are wearing dirty jeans or expensive high heels. As women we influence the well being of so many people.  We deserve and should take advantage of opportunities to maintain and improve our own well-being.

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I first visited Dr. Hirsch almost 3 years ago, weighed over 200 lbs, felt awful, and had no desire to do things in life that made me happy, due to feeling tired and just old. I thought that was the way you felt when you turned 50. Wrong! I have never felt better!! I've dropped 80 lbs and have the passion back in my life! I can’t imagine not having Dr. Hirsch's guidance. I guess I’m still aging, I just can’t feel it! What a wonderful Man! This life is changed!!!

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I've been working with Dr. Hirsch for several years. His level of expertise and commitment for excellence is unsurpassed in the medical profession.  If you're looking for a doctor that has up-to-date knowledge and years of experience practicing medicine, you've come to the right guy. But he is not for everyone.  He expects his patients to take their health as seriously as he does. He will not be very tolerant of poor effort by his patients.  You'll be expected to make healthy lifestyle changes or else! He's not the kind of doctor that's just going to give you a pill and leave it at that.  He will take a personal interest in your wellbeing and use your lab results to modify your regimen until your blood work is optimal.  So if you're committed to a healthy lifestyle and are willing to make a few changes at his direction, then you're going to love this.

I have referred many of my friends and acquaintances to Dr. Hirsch over the years and those who were compliant have had dramatic results.  I'm doing great as well.  Hirsch can spot problems that the other doctors miss and he knows how to fix them.  I encourage anyone who wants to make a positive impact on their long-term health to contact Dr. Hirsch.


A BIG “thank you” to you and Dr. Hirsch. I haven’t felt this good in at least 10 years and my husband can’t believe the difference.  He said he wanted to send Dr. Hirsch a “thank you” for getting him his wife back. ???? My hair is so much more healthy and is really growing out, just like Dr. Hirsch said.  My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Hirsch sooner!


Although I did not know the name of the condition at the time, I started feeling PCOS symptoms in my early 30’s after having my children.  Initially, they weren’t too extreme, but by the mid-30’s I was experiencing significant pain during my monthly cycle. I discussed these with a couple of OB/GYNs who suggested that I had endometriosis. The general practice was to take the contraceptive pill and manage the symptoms with pain killers. Then I consulted with other doctors, including an endocrinologist and a naturopathic doctor, to see if they could come up with a good solution for handling the extreme pain and steady weight gain I was experiencing.  I tried various diet and exercise programs, and cut out various foods with hope that I could figure out the solution.  I learned enough to know that the issue was hormonal and I needed a physician who specialized in hormonal therapy.  I looked into various physicians and came across Dr. Hirsch after reading other reviews that other patients had posted.

Visiting Dr. Hirsch was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  There were other physicians who specialized in the same type of hormones as  Dr. Hirsch, but I believe that Dr. Hirsch has a real intuition on what steps will work best for a patient.  He starts with a very extensive lab panel and I started feeling the impact of his recommendations within three months. The painful symptoms continued to improve over the next several months, however the weight had not improved very much.  Dr. Hirsch educated me into how PCOS really worked and the impact of insulin resistance.  I realized with his guidance that I could handle this condition and have gone on to lose 20lbs and get back the figure I had in my 20’s.  I am truly grateful for the impact that Dr. Hirsch has had on my quality of life, and the overall feeling of having control over my well-being is truly terrific.

T. Patel