Dr. Hirsch Changed My Life!!I am 48 years old and have seen 4 other bioidentical hormone doctors in the last 5 years and had zero results. I have been seeing Dr. Hirsch for 4 months and this is the first time I have seen results from any Bioidentical hormone therapy. I was diagnosed with having PCOS many years ago but Dr. Hirsch is the only doctor who figured out I am actually hypothyroid, which he is correcting with a compounded thyroid medication. In 4 months my excess weight is finally coming off and I feel amazing. I did not even know I had brain fog until it lifted. I thought I had a normal happy sex life all these years until Dr. Hirsch balanced my hormones and now I feel like I am in a second honeymoon! My husband is thrilled!I can honestly say Dr. Hirsch has changed my life for the better and I am so thrilled to have found him. Don’t even bother going to anyone else, Dr. Hirsch is the guy to go to. He is the most competent doctor out there in my opinion and is such a pleasure to see. Call him! You won’t be disappointed!

Dana K.

I started seeing Dr. Hirsch when I turned 60, 51/2 years ago. I had been seeing several doctors (endocrinologist, gynecologist, breast surgeon, bone and mineral specialist, internist, etc.) for 12 to 15 years and was really discouraged about my lack of progress. I had insulin dependent diabetes, Hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, menopause symptoms and was overweight. Dr. Hirsch did a really thorough evaluation and found that my diabetes and thyroid problems were autoimmune. He addressed my immune system problems with nutrition, lifestyle modifications, vitamins and supplements. At the same time I started taking the proper thyroid medication that I had previously not been prescribed. He balanced my hormone deficiencies with natural, bio-identical hormones.The results have really been wonderful! My sugar is normal. My bone density went up 20% and I was discharged from the bone and mineral department at the medical school. I lost over 20 pounds and went from a size 8 to a size 4. My energy and physical functioning are better than they were 25 years ago. My husband is really happy too:). I never knew any of this was possible. I am so grateful. Thank you, Dr. H

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When my wife and I went to see Dr. Hirsch we had been seeing another doctor and thought our numbers were in line and healthy. My wife Vivian's numbers were great, yet my numbers were not. Dr. Hirsch showed me these numbers and said I best change a number of my habits in my lifestyle or 70 years of age might not happen. Well, with his guidance and my wife making sure his requests were done, my numbers now are in line. I feel better, energy level is great, fat percentage is down. muscle content is up. At 65 years old, I play racquetball with guys half my age, lifting weights, eating much better and feeling like 120 years old is a possibility (well, maybe 110).Thanks Dr. Hirsch for being direct to the point and making my life longer. I admit God must have had a big hand in it for allowing you into our lives. Thank so very much for your help.

Reese and Vivian S.

I do want to take the time tell you that OMG I have never felt better in my whole life! I have energy that I can never remember having. I’ve always been so fatigued even when I was a young child. You really are changing my life, and I am convinced a higher power brought me to you. I always thought the way I felt was “normal” and just accepted it. I’m tearing up as I write this email. It is such a dramatic change in my life. I have energy to get up and go play catch with my son and take him to the park. My house has never been cleaner. It is just amazing the way my body is changing. Everyone close to me tells me I have transformed into a completely different person. Thank you so much for what you are helping me overcome. I am sure you get emails like this every day, but I feel I owe you at the very least this letter of thanks. I don’t know how I went on that long not knowing I was capable of being this new person. I’m a better mom, employee, daughter and every other role I play because of you. Thank you again.

Wendy W.

I struggled for over 10 years with fatigue and the inability to lose weight! I eat very healthy and work out five days a week. However, constant fatigue and average weight was the result year in and year out. I went to various doctors that did blood tests that showed “everything was functioning just fine.” Finally, I researched Dr. Hirsch and decided to make an appointment. The individual attention to detail was an immediate attraction to me! Dr. Hirsch takes your needs personally and does not stop until he finds the problem. Come to find out, my body was not producing testosterone and my thyroid was not converting (T3 to T4 or vice versa….not sure of the details) as it should. With the help of Dr. Hirsch I lost over 25 lbs and continue to feel younger and more energetic! My workouts and my eating habits are the same, but my body is drastically different now that things truly are working as they should. I wish that I would have found Dr. Hirsch earlier and saved myself so much agony!My job requires me to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit, and Dr. Hirsch has helped me do just that! He and his staff are amazing and they will change your life!

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